Travelling With Young Children

Pack The Essentials

You don’t want to over-pack and burden yourself with excessive luggage, but be sure to bring along everything you will need. Whether you are traveling by plane or car, have a bag with you containing extra nappies/underwear, wipes, sugar-free snacks (you do not need your children any more energetic than necessary) and some small toys or art supplies.

Prepare Entertainment for Your Children

Depending on the length of your travels, toys, colouring books and puzzles may not be enough to fill the time. If you can, load up a tablet with their favourite shows and movies and bring along a charger.
Streaming services such as Netflix allow you to download a limited amount of content, making it possible for your little one to watch shows and movies without an internet connection.
Bring Along an Umbrella Pushchair or Kid Harness
Whether you are navigating a large airport or making restroom stops during a road trip, you will want to make sure you keep your children in tow and avoid losing them in large crowds.
While your big pushchair is great for storage, its bulk makes it difficult to pack up in a car or on a plane. Umbrella pushchairs are small and light and easy to cart around from car to pit-stop and from airport to plane.
If your little one is not so little to fit into a pushchair, grab some children’s reins. Again, it’s important to keep your child close by through large crowds.

Travelling by Plane

Travelling by plane with a little one can be challenging, since you’re are in a confined space with no opportunity to wander around and stretch your legs. Flying early in the day is a great way to avoid delays and crowded flights. Booking a flight during your little one’s regular nap time may encourage them to sleep during the flight while keeping them on their usual sleep schedule.
Dress your child in comfortable layers. They may experience temperature changes on the plane and it makes it easier to take them to the toilet in those tiny washrooms.
Prepare for the change in air pressure by having your little one drink water right after take off and during last 30-35 minutes of descent. Swallowing helps to relieve pressure in the ears.
Lastly, focus on your child. They may become cranky or cry during the flight, which may annoy the passengers around you. Don’t worry about them and do your best to calm your child. Some things simply are not in your control.

Traveling by Car

If you’re planning a lengthy trip in the car, bring along your child’s blanket and pillow. Having some comfort items may help during the journey and, if need be, they will have something comfortable to sleep on. If you can, sit in the backseat with your little one during the trip to give them some face-to-face time and provide them with a distraction.
Plan extra time for stops and stop often. Take that opportunity to use the washroom, change nappies and allow your little one to stretch their legs and burn off some steam.

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